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Abaton Island Resort and Spa

Hersonissos Grecia
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EUR 3536 82 EUR
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Abaton Island Resort offers an ultra – stylish accommodation complete with luxury services and a variety of restaurants that will indulge your senses.The ultimate destination for those seeking an extraordinary fine-dining experience with the freshest local ingredients from land and sea. Set against a breathtaking view of the gulf, C'est La Vie provides a wide range of delicious snacks, salads and full main dishes.The Abaton affords extraordinary views, unprecedented privacy and transcendent luxury. Beautifully furnished rooms with king sized beds and luxurious latex mattresses as well as a list of facilities designed for your pleasure and convenience.

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Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Asistenta turistica; Asistenta ghid; Avion SBZ-HER Day 3 2023 Sibiu - Heraklion; ; ; ; ; Avion HER-SBZ Day 3 2023 Heraklion - Sibiu; Package discount; Package commission; SPO 6

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